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February 5, 2016


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It’s about time that I got a blog up and running for PeachHack. I’ve been wanting a good place to publish some different kind of content that I’ve been making so far. I don’t plan on writing many long-form blogs very often, but there’s some content coming up that is in the works that would be greatly aided by the presence of a blog, so here it is!

I’ll be posting new videos here (and everywhere else), as well as announcements and other thoughts and musings. I’ll probably even have some of the players from North Georgia Netrunners post here, if they ever want a platform for it.

Also coming up will be some non-tournament videos that are aimed more toward education! For the more tutorial-type videos, I will be posting a transcript with the video for those people who prefer to consume content in written form. I’ll try to format it more like a blog post, too, so people will get the full experience.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and look forward to more big things in the future!

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