2016 Southern Megacity Circuit Championship Weekend Stream Details – Giveaways and Escalation Previews!

This weekend is going to finale of the 2016 season of the Southern Megacity Circuit, and you can catch all the action live on PeachHack!

Event Details

The Southern Megacity Circuit is a regional circuit of the ANR Player’s Circuit covering the Southeastern US. Hosted at the illustrious Giga-Bites Cafe in Marietta, GA, this weekend will feature the Last-Chance Qualifier for anyone who has not yet earned an invitational spot into the second event of the weekend, the SMC Championship Invitational. The winner of the SMC Championship will have their expenses covered for a trip to FFG Worlds 2016! Let’s send the Southeast’s best to the World Championships!

For attendees, there will also be a number of side events with prizes, including:

  • Cube draft – using the latest version of the Stimhack cube
  • Sealed decks – courtesy of ANRSealed.com
  • Challenge decks – these decks are a biiiit overpowered! 🙂 First to beat the challenge deck wins the prize!
  • Championship fantasy draft – Even if you don’t make it into the championships, you can still win prizes by predicting who will perform best!

More event details and preregistration can be found on the SMC Championship Facebook Event Page.

Special Stream Events

Exclusive Escalation Spoilers – We have secured two official FFG-approved never-before-seen card previews from the upcoming data pack Escalation to be unveiled this weekend! We will be revealing one on each day of the stream, so be sure to tune in on both days!

Giveaways – Each day, we will be giving away some exclusive swag that you can only get this weekend! We have hand-made Self-Modifying Code and pillowscroppedSnare! plush pillows, and you will have one chance on each day to become a lucky winner! In order to enter, you will need to be following the Twitch channel and be present in the chat at the time of the giveaway so that you can type in the entry phrase at the right time.

Stream Schedule

Stream: https://twitch.tv/dodgepong

CommentaryAlec Nelson and special guest Hollis Eacho

Saturday, September 17th @ 11:30am EST – SMC Last-Chance Qualifier

Sunday, Septemter 18th @ 11:30am EST – SMC Championship Invitational

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